Licence Free Transceivers

Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0012
IC-F27SR Professional PMR446 Licence Free Two Way RadioOutstanding audio quality, high performance and strong commercial build quality make the IC-F27SR the ideal licence free radio. Ideal for users in diverse areas such as construction, catering, event management, shopping centres, factories, farms..
Ex Tax:230.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0008
IC-F29DR2 Waterproof Licence Free Digital Two Way RadioFor those organisations that are looking for a simple, waterproof, licence-free, digital two way radio system with a high degree of encryption then the IC-F29DR2 digital business two way radio is the solution. Not only is this radio incredibly e..
Ex Tax:380.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0007
Licence-Free Digital RadioThe IC-F29SDR’s digital channels offer stable communication that is the most suitable for professional use. There is no need to apply for a licence so you can immediately use it as required. The radio contains both 32 digital channels and 16 analogue channels, making it com..
Ex Tax:380.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0010
IC-F29SR2 Professional PMR446 Licence Free Two Way RadioThe IC-F29SR2 is the latest professional Licence Free Two Way Radio from Icom and retains the simplicity, functionality and build that made its predecessors so popular. The IC-F29SR2 boasts superior audio quality from the new internal speaker a..
Ex Tax:245.00€
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