Τransceiver Accessories

Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0124
The IC-705 fits perfectly in the optional LC-192 multi-function backpack. It has various features, such as ports for the antenna and for passing through coaxial and microphone cables. You can easily operate the IC-705 with it in the backpack...
Ex Tax:195.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0123
Desktop stand for the IC-705..
Ex Tax:38.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0121
The dualwatch operation and dual spectrum scopes with the waterfall functions* can be used on your remote PC. MAIN and SUB spectrum scopes can be observed on the RS-BA1 at the same time. Of course, the RS-BA1 can be used with Icom single receiver transceivers.* The dualwatch and dual spectrum scope ..
Ex Tax:98.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0125
Bluetooth® headset..
Ex Tax:152.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0167
Carrying handle for IC-9100/7410..
Ex Tax:24.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0259
14pin plug adapter (14pin multi-connector to 6pin connector) for IC-F9010 series, IC-SAT100 ..
Ex Tax:76.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0300
Earphone adapter for IC-F52D/F62D, IC-SAT100..
Ex Tax:44.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0374
AC adapter (EIAJ standard V / Level VI) for IC-R8600..
Ex Tax:65.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0372
Connector adapter SMA to BNC for IC-R2/Q7/M15..
Ex Tax:22.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0209
Antenna connector conversion plug F-type screw to BNC..
Ex Tax:21.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0154
HF automatic antenna tuner (substitutional CPU) w/CE mark ..
Ex Tax:398.00€
Brand: ICOM Model: KE-026-0109
Portable Automatic Antenna Tuner for IC-705..
Ex Tax:422.00€
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