Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0013
FTM-3100EAnalog FM Single Band2-Meter TRANSCEIVER The new FTM-3100E is a ruggedly built yet compact VHF-FM mobile transceiver, providing high output power of up to 65 Watts to ensure stable long-distance communications. One of the distinguishing features of this exciting new mobile tr..
Ex Tax:160.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0020
FTM-3207DEC4FM/FM 430MHz 55W Mobile TransceiverThe new FTM-3207DE provides high output power, with incremental power levels from 5 to 55 Watts. Thanks to a heavydutyheat sink that includes our exclusive FACC (Funnel Air-Convention Conductor) Wind Tunnel, the design of this newmobile ensures stable a..
Ex Tax:179.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0018
We are pleased to introduce FT5DE, 5W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver.The new FT5DE is a full-featured C4FM handheld transceiver with superior operability and new sophisticated functions. Even in a compact body (W2.44” x D1.34” x H3.94”), the FT5DE provides reliable 5..
Ex Tax:449.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: ΚΕ-021-0003
SUMMARY2 m/70 cm Dual-Band Handheld5 W C4FM/FM Dual Band Digital Transceiver320x240 full color TFT LCD display1200/9600bps APRS Data CommunicationCompact Design and Reliable 5W RF Power Output (Selectable 5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W)C4FM Digital V/D Mode, Voice FR Mode, Data FR Mode and Conventional FM Mode7..
Ex Tax:389.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0017
FT-70DE C4FM FDMA / FM 144/430 MHz Dual Band 5W Handheld TransceiverThe new FT-70DE is a compact and very attractively priced YAESU System Fusion transceiver providing both conventional analog FM operation and the advanced C4FM Digital mode.  The FT-70DE provides up to ..
Ex Tax:199.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0015
FT-65E - VHF/UHF 2 Meter/70cm Dual Band FM Handheld TransceiverThe FT-65E is a very compact, ruggedly constructed Handheld VHF/UHF with three selectable power settings 5W / 2.5W / 0.5W allowing each user to select the power they need. The big front speaker provides a full 1 watt of crisp, clear audi..
Ex Tax:109.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0016
FT-4XE – VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Handheld TransceiverThe FT-4XE 2 meter/ 440 MHz HT has three output power levels:  5, 2.5 or 0.5 watts transmitting from 144 to 148 MHz and from 400 to 480 MHz. Receive coverage is 65-108 (FM broadcast band), 136-174 and 400-480 MHz. The FT-4XE is compact and light..
Ex Tax:79.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0068
The ATAS-120A is a unique mobile antenna designed for use with Yaesu the transceivers equipped for the ATAS system. The ATAS-120A utilizes a motorized tuning system which resonates the radiating element for lowest SWRwithout the need for expensive, inconvenient monoband resonating whip assemblies. T..
Ex Tax:370.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0058
The ATAS-25 is a manually-adjusted portable antenna ideal for field use with the HF Transceivers. Designed for mounting on a standard camera tripod (1/4" stud), the ATAS -25 is tuned by sliding the shorting ring of the loading coil up or down and selecting the appropriate number of top selections. C..
Ex Tax:285.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0071
Antenna counterpoise kit for ATAS-120A.The ATBK-100 fits over a user supplied antenna mount on the metal handrail of an apartment, balcony, etc, and includes counterpoise radials for the 6m/2m/70cm bands, with the balcony tailing providing the counterpoise for HF bands.The box includes:4 pcs Counter..
Ex Tax:105.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0095
Optional Bluetooth® unit...
Ex Tax:110.00€
Brand: YAESU Model: KE-021-0099
Bluetooth unit..
Ex Tax:41.00€
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