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ECHOMAP UHD 62cv with map of Greece G3 & sensor GT20 4pin

GPS Plotter and sonar / fish detector with interconnection capabilities

Bright, sunlit 6-inch screen

Built-in sonar CHIRP and additional CHIRP ClearVü ™ for bottom scan

NEW Ultra High-Definition ClearVü

NEW Ultra High-Definition SideVü

NEW Integration with the Force μηχαν engine • •

The package includes a detailed map BlueChart g3 HD for automatic route calculation2 and unique data accuracy

Quickdraw Contours software installed to create your personal on-screen fishing maps at 30cm depth

Use the built-in Wi-Fi® to connect to ActiveCaptain εφαρμογή and access OneChart λειτουργία, smart alerts1, Garmin Quickdraw δεδο community data, and more

Share points and routes with other ECHOMAP ™ or STRIKER ™ devices


Bright, sunny 6-inch display and support for clear traditional Garmin CHIRP sonar and CHIRP ClearVü ™ bottom-scan sonar. It is provided with a map for all of Greece BlueChart g3 HD which contains a fishing map, a navigation map, a three-dimensional display above and below the sea surface, aerial photographs and gives the plotter the possibility of automatic route calculation. With Quickdraw Contours software, you instantly create your personal on-screen fishing maps with 30cm depths as you fish. In addition, it has built-in Wi-Fi® pairing with the free ActiveCaptain app for access to OneChart, which lets you manage your maps. ActiveCaptain gives you access to smart alerts1, the ActiveCaptain community for marinas and other points of interest, Quickdraw community data and more. You can also share points and routes with other ECHOMAP or STRIKER devices. Includes easy-to-remove base for easy removal of the plotter from your boat.

The difference of Garmin CHIRP

The echoMAP Plus 62cv sonar capabilities include traditional CHIRP sonar, one of the most advanced fishing sonar technologies on the market. The traditional sonar CHIRP offers impressive target detection and separation, because it gives even more energy to the target than the traditional sonar.

Clear seabed scan illustration

The Garmin CHIRP ClearVü β bottom-scan sonar gives you a near-photo image of those under the boat. You can see structures, sunken objects and fish.

Quickdraw Contours to create your own maps

Instantly create personalized on-screen fishing maps with 30cm depths. Adapt them to your needs. These maps belong to you. Keep them to yourself or share them if you want with the Quickdraw community on Garmin Connect.

Log in to the ActiveCaptain application

The free ActiveCaptain app lets you manage your on-board experience from almost anywhere. Creates a simple and powerful connection between the plotter and the smartphone / tablet, the maps and the community. Use the device's built-in Wi-Fi® to connect to the ActiveCaptain application to access OneChart for map management. View smart alerts for calls or messages on the plotter screen1 and access the ActiveCaptain community for marinas and other points of interest, Quickdraw data and more.

SailAssist sailing functions

SailAssist features include laylines, advanced wind chart, and directional lines. See the angle and speed of real and apparent winds as well as set & drift data at a glance. To help you get the most out of the wind, the pre-race guidance page shows you the virtual starting line along with data fields showing laylines, pre-start time and race timer.

Take ECHOMAP Plus with you

When not in the water, keep ECHOPMAP Plus safe. You do not need to remove cables from the device as all cables are connected directly to the cradle. This allows you to quickly install and remove ECHOMAP Plus from the power supply and stand.

1. When connected to a compatible portable device

2. The automatic course calculation function is for programming and does not replace the safe handling of the boat
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