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The ATAS-120A is a unique mobile antenna designed for use with Yaesu the transceivers equipped for the ATAS system. The ATAS-120A utilizes a motorized tuning system which resonates the radiating element for lowest SWR
without the need for expensive, inconvenient monoband resonating whip assemblies. The ATAS-120A is designed to mount directly onto a standard mobile antenna mount (not supplied) which is compatible with its Type "M" ("m/m pitch only") base connector.

Product Description
Yaesu's patented ATAS (Active-Tuning Antenna System) provides HF /VHF /UHF coverage with automatic motorized tuning. Utilizing control signals from the transceiver's microprocessor received via the coaxial cable, the ATAS internal motor adjusts the radiator length for best SWR. The ATAS covers the 7/14/21/28/50/144/430 MHz bands, and is compatible with the FT-FT-991A, FT-891, FT-857D and FT-450D.


Frequency Range: 7/14/2l/28/50/144/430 MHz Amateur Bands
Height (Approx.): 4.59-5.24 ft (1.4-1.6 m)
Weight (Approx.): 1.98Lb (900g)
Input Impedance: 50
Max Input Power: 120W (SSB/CW, 50% Duty)
Matched SWR: Less than 2.0 : 1 (with proper counterpoise)
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