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25 Watt VHF and UHF transceiver from French CRT with two bands, dual display and dual standby. Small in size and ideal for motorcycle, pig or car. The new version V2 is fully upgraded and has VOX function.

  Features 200 programmable channels + 6 function keys PF1 to PF6 with 3 functions each + customizable row and menu.

Its speaker on the main body of the transceiver is loud with clear sound.

The microphone also features a built-in speaker as well as programmable function keys so you can maximize flexibility and minimize distraction while using the transceiver while driving a vehicle. With the VOX function there is the possibility of "hands free" communication when the conditions require it.

Small in size and ideal for the motorcycle, pig or car.



FM mode (wide / narrow)

RX / TX frequency range: 144-146 MHz / 430-440 MHz (136-174MHz,400-480MHz)

Power LOW: 5W / MID: 15W / HIGH: 25W VHF - 20W UHF

Input voltage 13.8V DC

200 channel memories

Channel Spacing 12.5 / 20/25 KHz

Gain step 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 20/25/30/50 KHz

Work UU / UV / VU / VV

TONE BURST Yes: 1000Hz / 1450Hz / 1750Hz / 2100Hz

CTCSS / DCS (encoder / decoder) 52 CTCSS / 1024 DCS: sub-tone code to activate repeater selective tone

DTMF (encoder) Yes: sounds are selected to activate the repeater, gateway and other elements

DUAL WATCH function Yes

TOT function Yes: timer

CTCSS / DCS SCAN function Yes

Scan function Yes: automatic search for busy channels

REVERSE mode Yes: the current RX frequency of the channel will switch to the TX frequency

TALK AROUND function Yes: move RX / TX frequencies and CTCSS / DCS code to avoid using repetitive movements.

Backlight + jack for external speaker + 6 function keys PF1 to PF6 with 3 functions each + customizable menu row

Microphone with built-in speaker and programmable keys

VOX function

Large color multi-functional TFT screen adjustable to 180 °

RX signal indicator level + TX power + channel number or frequency + various functions ...

Optional programming cable + software

Size 122 (1) x 165 (L) x 35 (H) mm

Weight 480 gr

Warranty 2 years

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